Frequently asked questions

How do you calculate an order /on a running metre or a square metre/?
answer:Calculating the price is a specific process.It depends on the quantity and quality of the materials.

Do you offer extra accessories, or I should supply them if I want to have such in my kitchen?
answer:Yes, in accordance with our customers desires and the project, we build in: sinks, bottle and spice baskets, rotating racks for corner cupboards, faucets/taps, proportioners and others.

Shall I buy the kitchen domestic appliances in advance or you could cooperate?
answer: If you have already bought such, there is no problem we to consider the project with them and to build them in. If you haven’t bought domestic appliances, we could suggest our professional advice and guarantee a discount for the products of the companies with which we work: Siemens, Bosch, Faber&Nardi, Ariston, Gorenje and others.

What about delivery and furniture assemblage?
answer: The delivery and the assemblage are included in the furniture price.

How long does an order take?
answer: 30 days after the contract has been signed.

If I order a complete furnishing , shall I get a discount?
answer: Yes, for customers who order a complete furnishing we offer 5% discount.

Do your regular customers get a special price?
answer: Yes, our regular customers get a special price.

What materials do you work with?
answer: We work with melamine and MDF.
a/ Melamine details are edged with PVC or aluminum;
b/ MDF items are mainly two types: natural wooden veneer and colored. In accordance with customers desires MDF is processed with satin cover lacquer/mat/or gloss.
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